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"Paul Ripley doesn't raise the high performance driving Bar - He is the Bar!" 

Bryan Morley, BCCS, Canada

"Paul has become the country's standard setter and is a recognised driving expert with unparalleled qualifications,

experience and safety record".

Steve Norris - UK Government

Transport Minister

Without doubt, Paul is the number one in his field, but the best bit is he's a joy to learn from!"

Steve Fowler, Group Motoring Editor in Chief, Auto Express and  Autovia

"Known as "God's Chauffeur" Paul is certainly one of the worlds most highly qualified expert on all aspects of driver safety".

Peter Hall, Motoring Editor The Daily Telegraph

“I first met Paul on his high performance driver training course in 1988 and immediately understood why even the most accomplished professional drivers referred to him as "God's Chauffeur".  Almost certainly the world's best qualified driving expert, Paul also possesses an enviable ability to educate and coach others, as recognised by the numerous motor manufacturers and other organisations that have employed him to teach car control and advanced driving skills. His knowledge, experience and passion are unmatched."  

Peter Hall, Editor AA Members Magazine

Driver Education Special Award

Press Release

Paul Ripley's name has become synonymous with expert and safe performance driving and his regular appearances on Channel 4's

'DRIVEN' programme, coupled with several safer driving series on Yorkshire and Granada Television has raised his profile and status within the industry and motoring public.

He is a market leader in such driver coaching and training issues and rightfully proud of his long established and enviable reputation as the best in the industry.

Paul received a Special Award from HRH Prince Michael of Kent in recognition of his outstanding contribution to driver safety. For many years, he has written a weekly  'Safer Driver' column in The Daily Telegraph where his influence and practical advice have made many thousands of motorists safer.

HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

As an advanced driver coach Paul is without equal. His breadth and depth of knowledge in all aspects of high performance driving and vehicle dynamics is absolutely unparalleled. In anything and everything to do with driving, if you want the best in the business, look no further, Paul Ripley is your man."

George Boyter MA, The International Guild of Specialist Engineers

Trust me as a voice of authority in this field, the best money you can spend is on tuning yourself. Paul doesn’t need to sell himself, he’s been there, seen it and done it for most of the trust-marque manufacturers including Mercedes, Porsche and many more. To get the best from your vehicle and enjoy your driving more - fit a Paul Ripley! I know of no one else who has achieved his level of legitimate and informed credibility - not even close. Keep up fantastic work sir!  Mike Peck, Founder /Director Scene Pro Limited

“Paul Ripley. This man is a legend”!

John Malamatenios PhD, Queen Mary University London

“Paul Ripley has an unprecedented historical trail in high performance driver coaching which his peers can only look up to. The Daily Telegraph were spot on when they described him as "God’s Chauffeur".

Bryan Morley, BCCS, Canada

Bryan Morley, BCCS, Vancouver Canada

“Paul’s influence and coaching style changed my driving immeasurably and I am loving the greater control I have over myself and my car. An amazing transformation Paul.  Thank you.”

Mel Williams, Banbury. 

Paul Ripley.  The Yorkshire STIG!
Paul you not only look like him, you drive to the same standard. No one would argue that
Mr Blomqvist is a motorsports legend and in the world of expert high performance driving, so are you.
Are you sure you’re not Scandinavian?

Mike Peck - Founder / Director Scene Pro Limited
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