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Paul Ripley's High Performance Driving MASTERCLASS offer an absorbing and exciting array of live talks and  presentations and driver coaching courses, including ADAS Systems coverage.  These range from fleet driver high performance 'EV' courses, to Paul's enlightening speaking engagements at supercar showrooms and motoring venues.  And from 'one 2 one' high performance road driving coaching sessions, to circuit driving and advanced car control events on proving grounds.  Collectively, we cover all relevant expert criteria of driving the worlds fastest cars with the worlds finest coaching experts to promote knowledge, control, engagement and enjoyment, whilst never forgetting the main goal, enhanced safety!  

See below the coaching courses and engaging talks that we offer.  Please call us if you need something different, as we have the expertise and experience to deliver to your every need.   Call 07584 133 700 for more information.

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