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Fleet EV Driver High Performance Course - includes ADAS Systems

Welcome to High Performance Driving Masterclass, the place for fleet driver training for those with electric vehicles! Whether you're looking to increase safety performance or learn about Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), we have all the know how to help your drivers master the art of safe EV driving. Our courses cover everything from the significant increase in EV performance and how it affects braking, cornering and speed into hazards, to the benefits of ADAS systems to lower risk and increase collision avoidance. Sign up now and get the fleet EV driving experience you've been looking for.

"An Audience with

 PAUL RIPLEY" at Supercar showrooms and well-known  Motoring Venues.

Calling all high-performance driving, supercar loving and classic car enthusiasts.  Do join me as I reveal and demystify all things High Performance Driving in these live, fascinating Masterclass talk sessions.  Paul delves deeply into performance road driving, enhancing your circuit driving experience and increasing your 'on the limit' car control abilities on our Proving Ground.  Learn how to maximise your cars performance safely and ace your driving techniques - only from Paul.  These talks expose a riveting combination of the skills, techniques and mind set, to gain maximum advantage and are chock full of illuminating insights from the master in the art of safe high-performance driving – Paul Ripley.  

1-2-1 Anchor

1-2-1 Performance Road Driving with time on the Circuit or Proving Ground.

The greatest way to improve any cars performance starts and ends with the driver!  Learn from the best about high performance road driving and (if required at extra cost) enhance your skills on our private race circuit, or increase your  ‘on the limit’ extreme car control on our Proving Ground.  This course maximises your cars performance safely and will ace your driving techniques in these exciting driving environments. They provide a riveting combination of the skills, techniques and mind set, to gain maximum advantage in the art of safe high-performance driving.

Grp Event Anchor

Group Race Circuit Events and Extreme Car Control  on the Proving Ground.

Experience the 'best of the best' and learn from one of the world’s top driver coaches – the man who trains test drivers!  These track-based group events combine several similar minded professionals who want to learn more about their cars and themselves.  YOUR driving transformation starts by booking your place on our next Driving Masterclass circuit or proving ground events as we delve deeply into the captivating world of high-performance driving.  Discover the immense potential of your own driving skills and extend your capabilities, so YOU can harness the power to propel yourself into a complete safe high-performance driver

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