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High Performance Driving


Paul worked with the Ferrari UK racing team and was part of the World Championships event at Monza.
Road - Circuit - Car Control - Mind Set
Paul loves the high performance cars that the Lamborghini  products deliver to the high performance driving equation.
Paul Ripley is a living legend in High Performance Driver coaching.
He specialises in all aspects of becoming a Complete High Performance Driver.  From expert interactive talks to all High Performance Driving disciplines on Road,
Circuit, Extreme Car Control and the Driver's Mind Set.
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High Performance Road Driving

Paul Ripley personally coached and trained the Bentley test drivers and senior management some time ago.
The ultimate tuning accessory on any car is the driver.  It's about how expert performance road driving techniques coupled with a honed mind set, make a huge difference in becoming the great driver you always wanted to be. Get coached by the very best in high performance safety ... Paul Ripley, The MASTER COACH!  

Circuit Driving

Paul Ripley is a world renowned expert in coaching test drivers from many leading marques to hone their track-based skills, covering specialist techniques, including cornering, braking, gear changing, steering, car balance, smoothness and expert throttle control plus much more... learn from the best!
AMG trusted Paul Ripley to run their events and he was their preferred supplier for many years.

Extreme Car Control

Want to know about extreme car control at speed?  These skills are what Paul taught test drivers for many leading manufacturers. Gain expert insights into high performance vehicle dynamics and specialist skills that are advantageous to controlling car handling, chassis dynamics and improving driver capabilities. 
Rolls Royce chose Paul Ripley's expertise to coach and train their test drivers and chassis dynamics team leaders..
Mind Set
Aston Martin used Paul Ripley to coach their test drivers and senior management teams in high performance driving matters.

A drivers biggest challenge is to develop control of their actions and reactions. POWER WITHOUT CONTROL is not enough. Paul coaches a remarkable way to help control the drivers attitudinal, behavioural & emotional factors that deliver true driving greatness. 

Audi supported and sponsored Paul Ripley and he become an ambassodor or their brand some years ago.

Introducing Paul Ripley - The Master Driver Coach

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“As far as driving is concerned, Paul Ripley is God".

Steve Fowler

Editor in Chief, Auto Express & Autovia

Paul wrote a weekly safer driving column for The Telegraph for 9 years.  They also sponsored his  advanced driving book "Expert Driving."

"Known as God's Chauffeur, Paul is one of the worlds most highly qualified experts on all aspects of driver safety".

Peter Hall

Motoring Editor, The Telegraph

HRH Prince Michael of Kent endores Paul Ripley for his successful weekly safer driving column in the Daily Telegraph which lasted for many years.

“I read your driving safety articles in the Telegraph every week and pass them down to my family. They are truly excellent Paul".

HRH Prince Michael of Kent
EVO called Paul Ripley directly, when they required 'expert comment' on driving skills, techniques and driving safety matters.

"Paul Ripley is the guy we always turn to for expert comment on driving techniques".

Peter Tomalin,

Managing editor, EVO magazine

The man behind the wheel...

Paul reveals and demystifies all things 'High Performance Driving' in his fascinating live and dynamic Masterclass talk sessions at Supercar dealerships and  motoring venues in the UK. 

He exposes a riveting combination of the skills, techniques and mind sets to gain maximum performance not only from their car, but also the driver! They are chock full of illuminating insights in the art of safe high-performance driving on a 

broad variety of driving environments including road,

circuit and proving ground. 

With over 4 decades of experience and expertise, Paul’s

driver coaching MASTERCLASS talks, courses and events

have been praised as the most significant and safe high-

performance driving ‘game-changer’ of our generation.

You'll experience epic insights from one of the world’s

legendary driver coaches, who trained test drivers from

Aston Martin, Lotus, Hyundai (South Korea), Rolls Royce

and Bentley (to name a few) to coaching specific circuit skills and ‘tricks of the trade’ extreme car control techniques on the proving ground.

Yet safety is at the heart of everything Paul does.  It’s what he stands for and Paul’s stellar career in high performance driver coaching is littered with accolades, awards and legendary industry status.

He brings the pinnacle of high-performance driving to life which resonate with every audience and his talks are chock full of gripping experiences, humour and fascinating aspects that inspire, interact and entertain his audiences.  As one of his clients noted ...

"Paul Ripley doesn't raise the high performance driving Bar - He is the Bar!"

Whether you join one of Pauls intriguing talks or presentations, take private coaching courses with him on performance road driving, circuit skills or proving ground and delve into the importance of a safe honed mind set, you'll be coached by one of the UK's high performance driving legends.  

More from Paul ...

  • Nationwide High Performance Driving Masterclass Talks with Paul Ripley at OEM Showrooms, Supercar Dealerships, Motoring venues and Classic Car Clubs.

  • Private 1-2-1 On Road Performance Driver Coaching - plus adding extra time on our private racing circuit or proving ground to extend abilities and gain new levels of expertise. 

  • Circuit driving or Advanced Car Control 'Group Events' at venues throughout the UK.

  • Ask about Paul making promotional appearances at your event - get in touch below.

  • For any further information please contact:

    +44 (0) 7584 133 700

    LinkedIn -

Paul Ripley is known as "God's Chauffeur" even by professional drivers.  Paul is the man they call when they need expertise and experience.

Known as "God's Chauffeur"- Paul create the opportunity to Learn from the Legend in the world of High Performance driver coaching.  The man chosen by car makers, motoring magazines, TV company's and stars of the screen to coach their drivers.  

High Performance Driving Expertise Delivered!
Paul has been called an expert, an innovator, an industry guru and a game changer which are all quite fitting, especially when his unique experience, reputation and services are trusted by an astonishing array of the world’s top companies, organisations and prominent car manufacturers.

Paul is one of the worlds leading high performance driver MASTER COACHES for those who drive the worlds fastest cars on road, race circuit or proving grounds and those who want to improve their own performance behind the wheel. 

In spite of the many 'titles' bestowed on Paul over the years - such as "God's Chauffeur" -"The Driving Doctor" and finally "The Murray Walker of High Performance Drivingit all comes down to 'WHY' so many leading car makers, related automotive brands and his private clients, trust his expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results. These include the globally recognised companies detailed below and many more!

Paul's High Performance Driving Story

Paul’s Ripley’ stellar career in high performance driver training and coaching is littered with remarkable expertise and many significant accolades, awards and industry leading highlights.

Experience the 'best of the best' and learn from one of the world’s top driver coaches – the man who trains test drivers!

With his impeccable track record and impressive experience of coaching the world’s best drivers, these live events, dynamic talks and coaching experiences on road, circuit and proving ground, are not to be missed!  Unlock your true driving potential and join one of Paul's exclusive Performance Driving MASTERCLASS programmes today!

On his talks, Paul will open YOUR driving know-how and capabilities and extend the art of the possible.  Be part of his wisdom and expertise whilst enjoying his well-honed engagement skills and learn from his remarkable experiences and industry leading background. 

YOUR driving transformation starts by booking your place on his next Driving Masterclass. So, mark your calendar and join us as we delve deeply into the captivating world of high-performance driving and get ready to discover the immense potential of your own driving skills and capabilities, so YOU can harness the power to propel yourself into a complete high-performance driver, you always wanted to be!

Remember; you don’t need a car capable of 200mph to be a brilliantly skilled driver – not everything is about the car, it’s about the person behind the wheel … YOU!

Learn from the MASTER – an experience you’ll never forget and want to come back for more! Book your place today!

Paul often features on national and international TV Networks.

Paul is known to be the 'pace setter' and leading global expert in the world of safe High Performance Driving and his industry accomplishments and accreditations are probably unmatched.

You're in expert hands with Paul Ripley - The MASTER COACH!

DVSA ADI, DIA Diploma Di, RoSPA ADA Gold, MDG Grade 1, RoSPA ADA Diploma, C&G 730 Teaching Diploma, HPC, MDG Diploma, IAM, DVSA Grade One Cardington Advanced Test, Mercedes Benz NATO Advanced Chauffeur Course, MDG Masters  Degree (Human and Behavioural Safety), Performance Coaching Master Diploma (SJW), Royal Carmen of London Diploma, (Royal Logistics Corps).


In a multi-award winning stellar career, Paul and has been presented with many industry accolades and awards for his unparalleled success in the high performance driving industry;

He has received many iconic awards such as:








HRH Prince Michael Road Safety Award

BRAKE - Innovative Safety Product 2018

Royal Logistics Corp - Royal Carmen of London Diploma for Road Safety

BRAKE - Best Fleet Safety Product 2019

Business Car Techies Award 2018

Webfleet Best Innovation Partner 2020



Over the years Paul has written for many leading motoring and driving publications because they trust his expertise and he has become a leading authority on all aspects of driving safety and in particular all aspects of high performance driving using the worlds fastest cars in every environment imaginable. 

Paul is the published author of the highly acclaimed

advanced driving book aptly titled "EXPERT DRIVING"

and also wrote, amongst many other publications, a

weekly driver safety coulmn for The Daily Telegraph

for nearly a decade. 

Contact Us

Contact Paul Ripley's Team for more information 

  • High Performance MASTERCLASS Live Talks with Paul

  • EV and ADAS Fleet Driver Training (call for further information)

  • Private 1-2-1 Performance Road Driving (Plus Circuit or Proving Ground) 

  • Group Based - Circuit Driving or Car Control Proving Ground Events

  • Email: | Tel: +44 (0) 7584 133 700 

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